Welcome to Infantium’s SDK documentation!

Infantium’s SDK is specially focused to adapt mobile applications to work and communicate with Infantium servers. It’s purpose is to provide an intuitive and easy to use interface to communicate your App with Infantium’s cognitive analysis platform.

Including our SDK in your project will provide you with a whole set of tools to register the activity in your content (be it a game, ebook, etc.), while having the privacy of the kid as our first goal. Additionally, we will provide developers with a dashboard of usage statistics, and many more features to come, like in-game cognitive adaptivity!

The SDK is programmed in native Android/Java, but is also deployed in other frameworks through a ever increasing set of different plugins. Check the Plugins page to check if your framework has already been adapted!

If you want to connect your content with Infantium, and haven’t contacted with us yet, send us an email and we will explain you all the advantages of becoming a part of the most intelligent cognitive platform for kids in the world! You can find us at our mail address. We’re waiting for you!